Thursday, July 9, 2009

Karl Urban to star in graphic novel adaptation?

Karl Urban gave an interview in Sydney a little over a week ago and revealed a few things that I either didn't know, or didn't remember that I knew. I'm not exactly sure what Urban was promoting since the press tour for Star Trek has basically wound down, but he seems like a cool dude for giving the interview.

Anyway, here's what I learned: he's signed on for at least two Star Trek sequels, he had been in talks to play James Bond but couldn't get screen tested because he was shooting a movie, and he's in serious negotiations to star in the movie adaptation of a relatively well known/well received graphic novel, but he can't reveal what it could be. The interview is over a week old and he revealed that news of the graphic novel movie would be out around now. Actually, it sounds like it should have been out a few days ago.

Since I'm bored, and movie news has been either slow or about remakes lately, I figured I'd do some detective work to figure out what it could be. Someone over at ONTD! suggested The Green Lantern, which will be shooting in Sydney and should start production this September. While I like the idea of Karl Urban as Hal Jordan (hey, looks pretty nice in writing), back in March, Warner Bros. was rumored to have wanted an under 30 actor. Karl Urban is 37. If the under 30 rumor turns out to be true, Urban's age would probably be a huge sticking point. Also I don't know if the Green Lantern counts as being relatively well known. Hal Jordan is more than just a relatively well known character, but I don't know how well received his graphic novels were in comparison to say, Batman's. I think we can rule out Green Lantern, which is sad, because that Justin Timberlake rumor is still bugging me.

Daredevil has quite a few graphic novels, and Frank Miller, who did at least two, has become Hollywood's obsession (and rightly so to some extent if you consider The Dark Knight). But considering that it might be a Marvel reboot that heavily features Typhoid Mary, I'm not sure that it would be a Frank Miller graphic novel anyway.

What else could it be? Sin City 2, The First Avenger: Captain America (would people accept a non-American actor?), The Green Arrow (doubtful because I haven't heard jack about this in a while), Ant-Man, American Reaper, Magneto, The Shadow, Sleeper (Tom Cruise will probably be in that one), Venom? Those are all the ones I can think of and I'm probably way off anyway. Guess, we'll just have to sit tight for a few more days.

Update: Well, it's definitely not The Green Lantern. Warner Bros. in on the verge of choosing an actor, and it looks like they've narrowed it down to Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and (gulp) Justin Timberlake. So much for under 30.

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