Friday, July 24, 2009

Are we getting a Batman movie in 2011?

Well if you believe Gary Oldman and I guess, the people at Warner Bros., then this is likely.

They (Gary Oldman and the fine folks at Warner Bros.) just announced at Comic Con that Batman 3 will begin shooting in 2010. We don't know who will be behind the lens (Nolan's looking pretty booked), who the villain will be, what the title will be. or if it'll be the further evolution of a smarter look at Batman or if dollar signs rule the day.

"I think the next Batman is next year," he told a fan who asked when the long-awaited "Dark Knight" follow-up would hit, "We start shooting next year for a release in two years. You didn't hear that from me." [Chud]

Okay, so nothing concrete except for the fact that we're getting a Dark Knight sequel (no shit, we've seen the box office numbers), and Nolan's involvement is up in the air. I'm wondering how the folks over at Chud are so sure Christopher Nolan is booked. Inception should be wrapping either in December of this year, or by the latest January of 2010. And his stats over at IMDb show that he has The Prisoner and a Batman movie in development, so I'm not sure what he could be booked with in 2010 other than The Prisoner or a Dark Knight sequel.

Personally, I don't totally buy the 2010 shooting schedule not because Nolan is booked, but because there has been no word on a script. I can't imagine Nolan coming off Inception, going into the film's post-production, finalizing a direction for the script with the higher ups, cranking out a script, getting the script approved, casting the villain, and then shooting the thing within a year.

And this is considering that Nolan is even back on, because some people seem to think that he isn't. Which is even worse. Who wants to watch a Dark Knight sequel directed by someone else?

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