Saturday, July 11, 2009

Poster for It Might Get Loud documentary

For a movie that I've only mentioned in passing, I'm awfully excited about it.

It Might Get Loud is a "documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of three significant rock musicians: the Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White." This rad doc first showed up in Toronto last year and is finally looking to hit theaters starting in August. "I've gone through things where I go onstage and the sound guy at sound check comes over and he'll hold the decibel meter and show it to me while we're playing — and it's 127 decibels,” White told Rolling Stone, where this poster debuted today. "That's not good. And I can't even tell. If it's not right there, it feels wimpy, it feels uninspiring...

The trailer for this debuted on Yahoo a few months back and is also pretty cool - watch that right here!

Sony Pictures Classics is bringing It Might Get Loud to theaters on August 14th this year. [FirstShowing]

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