Thursday, July 23, 2009

Denzel Washington back onboard for Unstoppable

Last week it appeared that Denzel Washington had bowed out of Unstoppable due to budget concerns and a delayed scheduled. There was some speculation that Washington would reconsider, and now, according to Empire it looks like he's officially back and the movie is set to shoot in the fall.

The movie, loosely based on a true story, focuses on a train engineer (Washington) who is about to be fired and the new conductor who will replace him (Chris Pine). Both men must stop a freight train filled with flammable liquid and poison gas from destroying a city.

20th Century Fox had reportedly asked director Tony Scott to cut the movie's budget to $90 million, which would mean both Scott and Washington would get smaller paychecks. Washington decided to drop out but apparently he read a new draft of the screenplay and there was some sort of salary agreement. I can't even begin to guess what sort of deal was made, but it looks like this little casting drama is over.

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