Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where there's smoke, there's Nicolas Cage

My mother and I have been playing a game with Nicolas Cage movies since 1998. We try to spot a scene with Nicolas Cage running from fire. At least, that's what we used to do. Over the years we have tried to spot where Nicolas Cage either runs from or through fire, creates a fire, or is actually made of fire. I know it sounds absurd, but in most of his films there are scenes that could literally not exist without the fire. I think the game sums up his middling entire career. There are major spoilers in this post. If there is a Nicolas Cage film that you haven't seen don't bother to see it do not read any further. Anyway, here's proof with clips and photos:

Exhibit A:
This one is on the flimsiest of grounds here, but for the game we decided that smoke actually counts. So here's Nicolas Cage from Lord of War:

Exhibit B:
Nicolas Cage actually running from fire in Con Air:

Exhibit C:
Nicolas Cage tries to escape a burning streetcar in this clip from The Rock:

Exhibit D:
Nicolas Cage standing in front of the smoldering remnants of a crashed plane in the upcoming film Knowing:

Exhibit E:
This one is particularly hilarious because in The Wicker Man Nic Cage is actually burned to death inside the wicker man (I don't think death by burning is funny, just the events in this particular movie). So, we have him actually engulfed in flames, but here's the lead up to his horrific end:

Exhibit F:
Even the studios have caught on. It's gotten harder and harder to find a poster or trailer without flames involved somehow:

Exhibit G:
This one is my favorite because its so blatantly obvious. Nicolas Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a character who is literally on fire in Ghost Rider:

I'm not exactly sure what this all means to be honest. My mother for some reason, thinks he's doing this intentionally, but I don't think Nicolas Cage actually means for us to make a mockery of his film career. His films are just unintentionally funny and so patently absurd that playing the Nicolas Cage fire game is the only way we can cope with mostly rubbish films that the man makes.

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  1. I am Knowing that this movie is going to suck.

  2. LOL. It's going to be spectacularly awful.