Friday, February 6, 2009

About that title...

Come Back Shane! exists because of my mother and my grandmother. When my mother was a young girl in Jamaica, my grandmother took her to the movies all the time. It was always just the two of them, and some movies they watched decades ago are now my favorites.

My grandmother loved Westerns most, Shane being one of the films my mother distinctly remembers. Though my mother can't remember the plot, she has always remembered Shane's ending: a young Joey (Brandon De Wilde) calling after his idol as he rides off into the sunset - “Come back Shane!” Though the quote is actually “Shane! Shane! Come back!” followed by a sad "Bye, Shane", for a little girl to hold on to that quote for 40 years, the movie must have made an impact.

Naturally, with my mother's talk of dark movie theaters (something I grew up without while I lived in West Africa), and my grandmother deciding which summer movies to watch – I became a cinephile. Hence the blog, and its odd title.

The blog will frequently focus on young Hollywood talent (artists and actors not a day over 35), and movies I'm drawn to (mainstream movies, indies, French films, and some of the classics). The title, therefore, has a sort of double meaning based on its focus on young talent. Brandon De Wilde was Oscar nominated for his role in Shane at age 11 and tragically dead at 30. So the blog's spirit will always try to be a youthful one (obsessing over classic movies notwithstanding).

Come Back Shane! is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, who passed away in December, 2008 – movie buff, lifelong Paul Newman fan, and the best film teacher a little (fan)girl could hope for.

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