Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Links for you: a new photo from Rapunzel and more TIFF lineup announcements

If you saw Sunday night's episode of Entourage then you know that the writers of the show called Seth Rogen's "ugliness...oddly fascinating" in a debate over whether Rogen could date someone like Katherine Heigl in real life. I fall on the yes he could side of the debate and besides, it was pretty mean spirited. The guy isn't bad looking. Anyway, if you're assuming that Seth Rogen would have laughed this off, then you're assuming wrong. [Movieline]

Be the first to see the Alice in Wonderland teaser trailer. [iesb.net]

MTV Movies Editor Josh Horowitz will moderate a panel at Comic Con this week for Mike Judge's upcoming comedy Extract. Stars Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Wiig will be there, and you can head on over to MTV to find out how to send them your questions. [MTV Movies Blog]

A new photo from Disney's Rapunzel has surfaced. [ComingSoon]

Things are moving forward again with the Voltron live-action movie. [Film Junk]

The first The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time poster featuring Jake Gyllenhaal is up, along with a bunch of other film posters. [Film Junk]

Jennifer's Body will make its world premier at the Toronto Film Festival on September 20. More movies have been added to the TIFF lineup. [Variety]

China's J.A. Media Group is set to make a three-part biopic about Bruce Lee. The film is set to begin shooting this October. [Variety]

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