Thursday, March 19, 2009

This week in superhero news: the Green Lantern edition

Warner Bros. Pictures is reportedly going to begin shooting The Green Lantern this September in Australia. The film is scheduled to open on December 17, 2010.

The short list of possible Hal Jordans has Chris Pine (that's Captain Kirk to you) at the top of the pile. Other names being thrown around are Jon Hamm, Nathan Fillion, and Sam Worthington, though it appears that Warner wants an under 30 actor. So much for Jon Hamm. IESB points out that though one actor portraying both Kirk and Hal Jordan might be a sticking point, Christian Bale plays both Bruce Wayne and John Conner as well.

As usual, I'll toss out some names in case the casting universe picks up on it (curse you Scarlett):
Martin Henderson (too old), Jake Gyllenhaal (his name is always tossed around), Ryan Gosling, Gosling's doppelgänger Ben Foster, True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, Justin Hartley (Aquaman on TV), Charlie Hunnam despite the fact that he might be doing that Thor thing, and Henry Cavill.

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