Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Typhoid Mary to appear in 'Daredevil' reboot?

It seems like I'm the last person on the planet to know about Marvel wanting to reboot Daredevil. It's still a rumor at this stage, but The Movie Blog gives us a hint:

In wild speculation Golden Apple Comics in LA had a surprise visit from Katee Sackhoff attempting to buy them out of every Typhoid Mary comic in their stock.

She said it was “for a role” so we don’t know if she is courting to play Typhoid Mary, or a character like her Tie this in with rumours that Marvel wants to Reboot Daredevil, and the rumour mill hits the ground running.

So, it looks like Marvel wants to reboot some of its not so popular movies. The studio tried it with The Incredible Hulk last year, and with the decidedly mixed reactions to that endeavor, I'm beginning to wonder how successful a reboot of Daredevil can be. Daredevil was God-awful (what movie with Ben Affleck isn't?), and its spin-off, Elektra, was near unwatchable and made the Typhoid character totally different from her comic book incarnation. I don't really have anything against a reboot or a remake though, especially since I believe that if Hollywood wants to do remakes, they should do so with bad films, and try to improve them. Daredevil was always a fascinating character, and his relationship with Typhoid Mary, if handled well, could make for a very interesting movie. So, I've got mixed feelings about this, mostly because so far, the details are just at the rumor stage.

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