Tuesday, June 2, 2009

'Where's Waldo' movie in the works

Oh for fuck's sake! I wonder whose soul was sold to Satan to get this to happen. Universal Pictures has greenlit a Where's Waldo movie for kids. As if the target audience makes this any less ridiculous. I was subjected to the Where's Waldo books as a child, and though I found then mildly entertaining, I can't imagine any child, or parent for that matter, putting up with this for any length of time. These are books without any words at all. There's no plot, no character arc - nothing. Are we supposed to just search for Waldo for an hour and a half? If this story is to be believed, then that's a possibility: the family adventure features Waldo and his dog Woof who happen upon a time machine. Christ.

This shouldn't surprise anyone though. Hollywood is a town that's preparing to shoot films based on Ouji Board, Candyland, Battleship, Stretch Armstrong, Monopoly, Bazooka Joe, and the Sims. I'm sure when they announce the Ludo, Connect Four, and Snakes and Ladders franchises, none of it will be shocking.

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