Thursday, June 18, 2009

That Michael Sheen-as-Bond-villain story is bogus

Earlier this week there were rumors flying around that Michael Sheen might be cast as Blofeld in the upcoming Bond movie. I, for one, was pretty darn excited. I wouldn't have to keep mentioning that damn vampire movie every time I brought up Michael Sheen this year.

Turns out, all this stuff is total BS not only because it comes from The Daily Mail, but because it's illegal for Blofeld to even appear in any of the Bond films. It was the folks over at CHUD (via The Playlist) who pointed out the legal stuff. We don't even know who the Bond 23 villain will be. So, does no Blofeld, rule out Michael Sheen entirely? Well, I hope not, but as of now, this is a rumor of the badly crafted variety. Alas, we'll have to keep talking about that damn vampire movie after all. Nothing to see here. As you were.

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