Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First look at Norah Jones in 'Wah Do Dem (What They Do)'

I'm more interested in Norah Jones' music, than her acting, but I thought I'd post about Wah Do Dem (What They Do) because it takes place in Jamaica (home sweet home). The Playlist has word that Norah Jones will make an appearance in the indie film, about Max, a New Yorker (Sean Bones) who takes a trip to Jamaica after his girlfriend, Willow (Jones) breaks up with him. The film's world premiere will be at the Los Angeles Film Festival and screens on June 20th and June 24th. The Jamaican Patois will have English subtitles. I remember learning back in high school that when The Harder They Come was initially released, the only country that could screen it without subtitles was Ireland. I always thought that was sort of cool. Anyway, check out the trailer below:

WAH DO DEM (What They Do) TRAILER from Ben Chace on Vimeo.

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