Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Links for you: Ridley Scott plays with board games, and you know, more...

MTV News via The Playlist - Hasbro apparently doesn't think that Transformers is enough for us. Hasbro wants to force feed us a new genre of horrors: the board game movie. They've gotten all power hunger and have plans to unleash adaptations of Ouji Board, Candyland, Clue, Battleship, and Stretch Armstrong upon us. And Sir Ridley Scott just has to adapt Hasbro's first journey into into the realm of the ridiculous (aka Monopoly). Wasn't there a Robin Hood movie that derailed his chances at degrading himself even further of making this?

Variety - Director Ed Zwick nabs one of the two whaling sea epics that's in development. Nobody tell Hayden Panettiere.

ComingSoon.net - The third Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader gets a release date. At this rate, my favorite Narnia novel, The Horse and His Boy won't see the light of day until I'm in my forties.

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