Thursday, June 18, 2009

Links for you: 'Bourne 4' in the works, new 'Avatar' screenshots, and Michael Bay takes a break

Ryan Reynolds is uncomfortable with being considered attractive. So, he makes fun of it on three different Entertainment Weekly covers. These shenanigans are typically annoying in the case of someone like Matthew McConaughey, but with Reynolds it's funny. [Movieline]

Carey Mulligan (star of Sundance sensation An Education) signs up for Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps [FirstShowing]

The White Stripes concert movie Under Great White Northern Lights which was shot during their 2007 Canadian tour, is expected to screen at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. The doc is a tribute to Jack White's Nova Scotia roots, and the band booked a show in every province in Canada - something no Canadian band had attempted. [The Playlist]

Halle Berry steals the show at Spike TV'S Guys Choice. [IESB]

A defense of Quentin Tarantino. [HoboTrashcan via Film Experience]

The fourth Bourne movie might shoot next year. [The Movie Blog]

Twitter trending topic #gokeyisadouche shot up the ranks (even climbing past #iranelection for a while) thanks to the cool kids at ONTD! Hint: it has to do with Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey being a homophobic douche. [Movieline]

Check out Michael Bay's custom made keyboard. [Joshuah Bearman]

Three more Avatar screenshots have been released. [ComingSoon]

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