Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What kind of film nerd are you?

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Head on over to Filmnerds for a full guide to film nerds. I narrowed mine down and I'm of the crybaby variety:

The Crybaby
Known in the scientific community for his time-tested ability to fall for cliche without guilt or restraint, the Crybaby will embrace any film that makes him weep. Predictably, brittle emotions and dangerous exuberance leave this breed helpless to avoid falling for any potentially hackneyed plot element: the hero returns after an apparent death, dude cries. The drug dealer dies after finally atoning for his sins, dude cries. Ugly people fall in love because of indie pop music, dude cries. Give this blubbering exhibit a bit of slow-motion and Enya choir music, and watch the saline flow. Because the Crybaby typically attaches most of his emotional well-being to films that serve his needs-of-the-heart, his financial priorities usually place food, clothing, and shelter below a massive, and growing, DVD collection.

The Pros: Loves every movie you do.

The Cons: Wear a slicker if you sit next to him.

Characteristic Traits: Shouts “masterpiece” in his sleep; Gives bigass bear hugs in the lobby of the theater after shared experiences

So, which nerd are you?

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