Friday, May 29, 2009

Rolling Stone's 2009 hot list revealed

Rolling Stone magazine has its list of the rockers, models, actors and movies standing between us and total despair. Naturally, only the actors and movies are relevant to our interests around here:

Hot Comedy: The Hangover

Hot Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hot Wife: Leslie Mann

Hot Director: Duncan Jones

Hot Hick: Danny McBride

Hot Mid-30s Angst: Away We Go

Hot Sci-Fi Babe: Stephanie Jacobsen

Hot Network TV Hope: Mindy Kaling

Hot Sidekick: Rupert Grint

Hot Cameo: Mike Tyson

Hot Comic: Aubrey Plaza

Rolling Stone also has feature articles on Ben Stiller, Rupert Grint, Aubrey Plaza, and Jesse Eisenberg, and you can also check out the rest of Rolling Stone's hot list.

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