Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant remake trailer

I think the trailer made its way online a while back, but Film Junk just posted it. I have never seen Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant, but apparently this remake starring Nicolas Cage looks nothing like Ferrara's 1992 version. Which might seem bizarre, but since Werner Herzog hasn't actually seen the original we'll have to let that slide. Why in the name of hell is this even considered a remake then? The words "Bad Lieutenant" are in the title so therefore, it's a remake? Nicolas Cage movies have a way of fucking baffling me.

Cage plays a drug addicted cop, and even though I've taken a few shots at Cage's ludicrous career, this looks interesting. At least he isn't trying to save the world and it reminds me of his oddball performance in Matchstick Men, which I liked.

Speaking about Cage’s performance, he [Herzog] is quoted as saying, “You will see something extraordinary when you see him on screen. It’s the best he’s ever done.” So there. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is expected to be released sometime in late 2009. [Film Junk]

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