Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cillian Murphy in 'Peacock'

Later this year, Cillian Murphy will appear in Hitchcockian thriller Peacock, which is based on many different true stories. Murphy plays a bank teller named John, who has two separate personalities, one male one female, and neither personality knows the other exists. When the secret is revealed John tells the townspeople that the man and woman are separate people who are married to each other. If anyone can blur the lines between male and female, it's Cillian Murphy, and his co-star Josh Lucas is impressed:

“For me it’s fascinating because I have interactions with him as both the female version of himself and the male version of himself,” said Lucas. “I don’t realize he’s two different people. And he has no memory of it being two different people. If ever I’ve done a movie that is close to Hitchcock, this is it.” [MTV Movies]

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