Thursday, April 23, 2009

De Niro and Norton together again

Production Weekly has announced that Edward Norton and Robert De Niro will star in John Curran's Stone which starts shooting in Pittsburgh and Detroit this May. Both actors previously appeared in 2001's The Score.

Stone is based on a play written by Junebug screenwriter Angus MacLachlan. DeNiro will play a parole officer who befriends a teaching assistant.

John Curran also directed Norton in The Painted Veil.

The strange thing about this project is that the only Edward Norton films I haven't seen are The Score and The Painted Veil, so I'll have to accept the consensus until I get around to watching them. From most accounts The Score was the last good film De Niro starred in (The Good Shepherd notwithstanding), so here's hoping this is a return to form.

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