Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Apparently 'Sherlock Holmes' isn't British (or good) enough

The Playlist gives us the rundown of reasons why Sherlock Holmes might be ten kinds of shit. Hack extraordinaire director Guy Ritchie is reportedly giving us a more American style Holmes (translation: Bob Downey's accent is horrible) and Watson. Needless to say, Ritchie will be boiled in oil by his countrymen before the year is out. The trailer was shown at ShowWest in Las Vegas and the audience loved it despite descriptions that seem to scare the crap out of the people over at Playlist. I guess when words like zany or wacky are bandied about there, is pause for concern.

I get the feeling that Sherlock Holmes purists are going to loathe this film. A fun romp does not sound like the sort of description they're inclined to welcome. For the rest of us (I know, I know - what sort of aspiring writer doesn't read Conan Doyle) we'll just have to hope this thing doesn't flat out suck. I'm over halfway through the script and so far I think it's enjoyable and fun. Which means this film is going to turn into a giant franchise and infuriate anyone who loves the books. If this turns out to be pure shit, I'll just watch it for Downey, bad accent and all.

ComingSoon gives a lengthy description of the trailer if you're interested in killing a hell of a lot of time.

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  1. Downey's accent ain't that bad. It's done that way on purpose to make Holmes seem eccentric or separate from everyone, just like his Australian accent in Tropic Thunder was half comical. I think it just goes over the head of people who complain (not saying that includes you!).

  2. Downey's accent is not bad at all