Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beyonce could be Wonder Woman?

Well, this is disappointing. According to Comic Book Movie Beyonce might be considered to play Wonder Woman. I suppose it would be "bold" to cast a black Wonder Woman (something Get the Big Picture points out Beyonce has said). But now that I think of it, should anyone be surprised that Wonder Woman might not be white? The TV version of Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, is Hispanic - her mother was Mexican-American.

Anyway, I wish I was making the Beyonce part up:

Just got back from a press conference tonight with Beyonce and she spoke of a few upcoming movie projects. The last on her list was Wonder Woman!

Yes, Wonder Woman! She said she has to meet up with the writers and directors in a couple months and things will start to pick up by mid-2010 for a late 2011 release. She said the writers were Stuart Beatti and David Elliot, the guys that wrote GI Joe: Rise of Cobra and the director was John Moore, the guy that directed Max Payne.

I think everything about this news is horrible. Yes, Beyonce was surprisingly not bad in a movie like Cadillac Records, but she was in her comfort zone in that film. In films where she's out of her musical element she just sort of dawdles in front of the camera. And this thing is going to be written by the GI Joe guys, and directed by the guy who made Max Payne? That's even worse than the Beyonce news.

Now just because Warner Bros., hasn't reported Beyonce's involvement doesn't mean she isn't involved. We were dangerously close to a Justin Timberlake as the Green Lantern so anything is possible.

To be fair to Beyonce, I can't think of a really good Wonder Woman. Marion Cotillard is the only actress I can think of, but she'd be rejected by most. Some of the other suggested actresses like Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Biel are either equally horrible or even worse.

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