Monday, August 10, 2009

The Green Hornet gets a new Kato

Looks like Kwon Sang-woo didn't get the part like earlier reports suggested he might. Instead Taiwanese actor Jay Chou will replace Stephen Chow to play Kato.

Chou is a classically trained singer-songwriter, and later made his way into acting in 2005 and has starred in a total of four films. He has also directed on film and over a dozen music videos. You might remember him as Prince Jai in Zhang Yimou's Curse of the Golden Flower.

Director Michel Gondry said of Chou:

"Jay is incredibly unique and charming and fights like a wild dog! When I filmed him next to Seth, they had such great chemistry, and I knew the movie will be great." [Deadline Hollywood via The Playlist]

Chou said:
“It’s an overwhelming experience to take on a role made famous by Bruce Lee. I won’t try to be Bruce Lee’s Kato – I will try to bring my own interpretation to the part. Of course, it’s a dream role, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.” [Deadline Hollywood via The Playlist]

Like I said before I only care about this film because of Kato, so it's a relief they've found a replacement for Stephen Chow.

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