Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homoerotic subtext in Sherlock Holmes?

Director Guy Ritchie did an interview with MTV (via The Playlist) recently and talked about what MTV calls the film's "tender bromance":

"Holmes and Watson have always been that couple," Ritchie told MTV News. "My intention was to get away from the slightly stuffier, quintessential Victorian concepts of men and make them warmer and more accessibly friendly and make them more into the kinds of guys I'd liked to be friends with."

"As a heterosexual couple that at moments could seem gay, they play it off very well," Ritchie said of Holmes and Watson. "These guys are sort of in love with each other. It's real mateship. It's trying to keep that balance. You have to endear yourself to them, and at times you skate on thin ice, because it's such a relationship about two men."

So they're heterosexual dudes who are in love with each other. Hmmmmm. Call me crazy if you want, but after getting halfway through the script I can understand why people would see the gay subtext. Holmes isn't exactly happy when he learns that Watson is going to be getting married and will be in fact, moving out of the living quarters they share. And so far the love interests for both Holmes and Watson have been a bit - how do I explain this? - meh. I've had more chemistry with a houseplant than these two have with their beards girlfriends. Maybe the chemistry will translate better onscreen, but I can practically see the upswing in slash coming from a mile away.

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