Thursday, August 27, 2009

Delgo may slap Avatar with a lawsuit

The comparisons between Avatar's recently unveiled footage and other films have been all over the Internet recently. There have been comparisons to Fern Gully, Jar Jar from Star Wars (guilty), and of course, Delgo.

There is now word that Delgo's creators may decide to sue Avatar over similarities between the films:

Fathom has been bombarded with emails on the topic and have now released a statement that says that the studio may actually consider suing. "From what we have seen, we are amazed by the visual similarities between the two films and we are reviewing what legal options may be available to us," said the statement. [Worst Previews via The Movie Blog]

Even though I find this mildly amusing (not to mention desperate), it's pretty well known that Avatar has been in development since 1996, while development for Delgo began in 1998. But, work on Avatar's visuals and production started after the script was rewritten in 2006.

Delgo earned a pathetic $700,000 at the box office, so maybe they're trying to make back some of that $40 million invested into the film.

And now, since I've had a good laugh at Delgo's expense, I figured I'd share this viral Downfall Avatar mashup from LiC. Apparently these Downfall mashups are popular - I had no idea, so I don't know if this means I'm out of it, or if I've been spared minutes wasted on idiocy. I doubt the entire Internet making fun of Avatar bodes well for it, but who cares? This thing is hilarious:

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  1. I thought for sure that Delgo lawsuit had to be a joke that was being tossed around to make fun of how bad people thought the teaser was. I didn't think it was that bad. The trailer certainly changes things as far as momentum, but I'm surprised at how ambivalent people are to the arrival of this film... and when I think about it, I might really be excited because of James Cameron and all the buzz surrounding the production, rather than about the film itself.