Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscar highlights

I can't believe there are Oscar highlights. I fully expected to be miserable and bitchy over the lack of Dark Knight and Revolutionary Road love, but this has been one of the most fun ceremonies I've seen in a long time. I'm glad I watched.

Hugh Jackman hosting
He's great at hosting the Tony Awards and I thought he was great tonight. He was charming and spontaneous. He sang beautifully, the bit he did with Anne Hathaway was hilarious. I hope they have him host again.

The speeches

  • Penelope Cruz's speech was touching and I'm not ashamed to admit that she made me cry.
  • Dustin Lance Black looked gorgeous and his speech was incredible. I hope one day soon, his dream and Harvey Milk's dream comes true.
  • Heath Ledger's family accepting for him was so moving. It's heartbreaking he didn't live to see this day, but his family has decided to celebrate his life. I hope his movies live on for a very long time.
  • Kate Winslet won with a gorgeous speech. All the critics who have been hating on her for giving speeches without a script can rant all they want over her win. She won and she deserved it.
  • Sean Penn's win was my favorite of the night. Mickey Rourke was the favorite but I thought Sean would win, and he deserved it. You can watch his speech below before it's pulled from youtube:

Red carpet highlight
All the young actors from Slumdog Millionaire arrived and they were adorable. They looked so excited to be there.

Random highlight
Chris Nolan looked really hot tonight.

What's your opinion on the ceremony? I can't tell if I'm too giddy about the whole thing because Sean Penn won, so I'd love to get other perspectives.

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