Friday, September 4, 2009

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the Inception set

More on set photos via ONTD!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt discusses working on Inception, and has some pretty cool things to say about Leonardo DiCaprio:

It’s so great. I am just really honored and grateful to be working for Mr. Nolan. He has such integrity and what’s really cool about Inception is that he’s getting to make this enormous movie that’s just his own brainchild, just his own idea that he wrote out of his head. I’ve looked up to Leonardo DiCaprio ever since I was very little. He was an actor at a young age, always doing it with such integrity and sincerity. So much of what happens in Hollywood is for all the wrong reasons. That guy does it because he loves it and believes in the art and the craft of it, which shows in his work and his choices. It’s something I have always aspired to and to get to work with him and be in scenes with him is really special. [The Press Association via Nolan Fans]

Inception is currently shooting in Los Angeles after shoots in Japan, England, France, and Morocco. According to Nolan Fans the crew will be filming in LA on Thursday, September 3rd, Friday, September 4th, and Wednesday through Friday, September 9th through the 11th. Address: 1745 E 7th St, Los Angeles. There might also be filming around N. Spring St from College St- Baker St.

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